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Today’s Medicated Candy – What is 100% Safe?

There is a lot of excitement surrounding the use of infused, medicated candy. The most popular infusion is with CBD from the cannabis plant, as CBD gummies can offer relief from a wide range of conditions. 

Unfortunately, CBD is not the only kind of gummy drug that you might come across in today’s market. Knowing the differences between the types of medicated candy is key. 

Those familiar with CBD candy and the benefits they provide are excited that medicated gummies are so accessible. Most know that good-quality CBD candy is safe but medicated candy can seem dangerous to those just hearing about it.

medicated candy

If you first hear of the candy drugs, and you’re over 40, suffer from anxiety or depression, or have a history of drug abuse, the concern for safe medicated candy is entirely understandable.

Should I avoid medicated candy altogether? Or are there some gummy drugs that I should feel safe to use for their benefits? 

Well, a few “gummy drugs” are 100% safe to consume for almost anybody. Research is ongoing, but anecdotal evidence has shown that there are hardly any concerns when taking CBD in the form of medicated gummies from trusted sources.

Continue reading to learn about the medicated gummies that you can trust are safe to take, as well as some of the other dangerous drugs that find their way into “medicated candy.”

CBD Medicated Gummies – Never Any Harmful Drugs or Chemicals

Medicated candy has become very popular with people who are looking for a different kind of high. This medicated candy is one of the latest trends on the market. 

CBD gummies have become an incredibly popular form of medicated candy recently. If you’re unfamiliar with them, they are sugar-coated gummies infused with CBD oil. 

There are many different brands available online and in stores, and not all of them are equal. 

To play it 100% safe, you should go with a trusted brand that lab-tests their CBD medicated gummies.

CBD medicated gummies

These gummies are made with natural ingredients in a controlled lab, unlike other edibles that are often homemade or prepared in an unregulated environment.

As states legalize cannabis products like oil and gummies, the medicinal potentials are finally being utilized and the value of these CBD products are becoming more apparent. 

Now, more than ever, states are legislating CBD (cannabidiol) as a treatment for epilepsy, cancer, pain disorder, seizures, and even opioid withdrawals. 

That’s why more people are turning to medically infused candy (or medicated candy) to treat what ails them.

But of course, there are some gummy drugs to stay away from. You don’t want to get the safe candy confused with the drug candy. We’re going to discuss both so you can know the difference.

Weed Candy – Safe but Psychoactive

From the popularity of CBD gummies to THC brownies, edibles and weed candy have been popping up left and right.

But the fact remains that the psychoactive effects from THC edibles can cause extreme discomfort in some people and should be taken with caution.

In a society where the government is slowly legalizing marijuana, many companies have sprung up selling edible versions of the drug.

Marijuana Candy – Not for Everyone

One of the hottest subjects on the Internet today is the medicinal use of marijuana candy. 

The legalization of cannabis for medicinal use has opened up a whole new industry where children and adults are now able to access cannabis-based medicines in the form of weed candy. 

But of course, the psychoactive effects of the THC from marijuana, or the high, is not for everyone.

Cannabis Candy – Without the THC 

Luckily, manufacturers can extract all of the beneficial components of the cannabis plant into cannabis candy without any THC. These will be in the form of CBD gummies. 

There is weed candy that has THC. Then there is cannabis candy that only has CBD, no THC. 

The CBD cannabis candy is what Koality Medicinals offers, and it is the safest route to take to get your cannabis benefits. The difference is one gets you high, the other just provides benefits, no psychoactive effects.

Drug Candy to Beware

CBD Gummies and marijuana candies are safe to eat, but there are other medicated candy drugs out there that you should avoid. 

Because of the harsh reality of dangerous, powder-like drugs being so common in today’s society, it is important to stay away from:

  • Unknown brands/sources of candy
  • Individually wrapped hard candy or gummies
  • Candy that appears warped or tampered with

Let’s go through some of the types of drugs candy that are unfortunately quite common.

Extremely Unsafe Drugs Candy – Fentanyl 

The existence of fentanyl is a scary reality because of how little amount it takes for fentanyl to be deadly. 

Fentanyl is a drug that is similar to morphine but is 100x more potent and extremely dangerous. 

Recently, more and more fentanyl has been finding its way into the illegal drug market of the US. Candy containing amounts of fentanyl became a common method for drug dealers to make money. 

Because of the lack of oversight or quality control on these illegal drugs, much of these fentanyl candy drugs contain deadly doses. 

In one of many cases, a large amount of fentanyl drug candy disguised as Jolly Ranchers was seized. The Jolly Rancher candy was melted down and mixed with fentanyl.

Dangerous Gummy Drugs – Flakka  

Flakka is an extremely dangerous drug similar to bath salts. It comes in crystal-like form and can be easily mistaken as the sugar coating on the outside of gummy candy.

Flakka can cause hallucinations, delirium, increase in body temperature, and can often cause muscle breakdown resulting in cardiac arrest. 

Gummy drugs containing Flakka were found in Miami that were almost identical to Sour Patch Kids. The difference was the Flakka gummy drugs were individually wrapped and were significantly more sticky than the regular candy.

Gummies Drug – LSD 

The probability of an LSD laced candy making its way into a stash of regular candy is highly unlikely, but as they do exist, we think you should be aware of them. 

LSD is a potent and illegal hallucinogen, but it is not nearly as dangerous as other synthetic candy drugs. LSD in candy could still be a scary reality. 

Another prime example of why it is important to stay away from candy that comes from untrustworthy sources.

CBD Infused Candy – Always Safe and Trusted


Many new CBD infused candy brands on the market try to get new medicated candies out fast. This means that they may not have been tested or treated with products that you don’t want to ingest without knowing about their safety for your body.

Unfortunately, these versions of gummy drugs are hard to regulate and have been known to cause some bad side effects for those who have ingested them. You might know these as medicated gummies or lollipops or other forms of medicated candy. 

The problem with them is that not all of these CBD infused candies are safe for you to take, and you must understand this before eating any.

It is crucial to be aware of these new edibles out there so that you can stay safe. The most important thing you need to know about these candies is that the FDA does not yet regulate them. 

This means that the labels on the packaging may not be accurately representing what is truly in each dose size of that candy or gummy.

That is why we recommend sticking with a trusted CBD infused candy brand that always:

  • Accurately Doses CBD
  • Lab-Tests for Purity
  • Provides the Full Spectrum of Benefits

Safety of Different Candy Drugs – Bottom Line

The legalization of medical marijuana is gaining more and more momentum in the United States, and even more so with the discovery of CBD being a legal solution because it doesn’t get you high. 

Researchers have found that medical marijuana in the form of gummy drugs is a viable treatment option for many illnesses including migraines, seizures, cancer, and even anxiety disorders. 

More and more patients are using cannabis to alleviate various symptoms associated with pain, nausea, anxiety, and many other illnesses. 

Several brands of candies are considered “medicated candy” or adult gummies because they contain drugs or medicine inside them to relieve pain and a number of other medical conditions.

But unfortunately, with the growing amount of different candy drugs legally coming into the market, many illegal and dangerous drug candies are being snuck in by the black market. 

That is why it is essential to stay away from most drug candy that you come across, and only buy medicated candy from sources you can trust like Koality Medicinals.

Carl Rogers

Carl Rogers

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