Types of CBD Edibles

It’s no wonder that CBD edibles are quickly becoming the most popular way to take CBD: they’re convenient, easy to take and offer a wide variety of physical and mental health benefits. The rapidly growing CBD market contains countless competing products, and the edibles sub-market is no exception – it contains a dizzying array of […]

What Is Full Spectrum CBD?

There are two main types of CBD concentrate – CBD isolates and full-spectrum CBD. Once extracted, this CBD concentrate is used in the manufacturing of many popular CBD products – from CBD oil to edibles, which become edibles by adding CBD oil. In the case of CBD oil, the concentrate is simply diluted with a […]

What Are The Benefits of Topical CBD?

There are several different ways to take CBD, but most of them focus on getting the CBD into the systemic circulation of the body – either by ingesting it or inhaling it. The topical application of CBD works a bit differently – it focuses on the localized beneficial effects, which CBD exerts on the skin, […]

What Are The Side Effects of CBD?

Since CBD from hemp sources was legalized in the United States in 2018, there has been much discussion about the positive benefits of using CBD. Unfortunately, there are some side effects to using CBD and while they are typically well tolerated by most people, you may want to be aware of before you start. Dry […]

What Are The Benefits of CBD?

What Are The Benefits of CBD?

CBD products were made legal in the United States with the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018. It legalized CBD derived from industrial hemp sources as long as it contains no more than 0.3% THC by dry weight. Since then, we’ve seen an explosion in the United States of various CBD products from gummies to topical […]

How to Use CBD – Delivery Methods, Pros and Cons

Because of its wide range of therapeutic benefits, CBD has quickly become one of the most widely used plant-derived therapeutic agents in the world. As a result, the CBD market has developed and branched out in many different directions – different delivery methods, different types of CBD (isolate vs. full-spectrum), and all sorts of equipment, […]

Does CBD Affect Birth Control?

CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid compound extracted from cannabis or hemp. Although non-psychoactive, it’s commonly taken for its anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, to promote healthy sleeping patterns, and relaxant effects. And considering that anxiety is 1.5 to 2 times more prevalent in women than it is in men, it’s no wonder that many women are taking CBD […]

Does CBD Help With Sleep?

Sleep problems, like taking a long time to fall asleep, frequent awakenings, or drowsiness in the morning affect up to one-third of the population. There are countless different supplements, strategies, and techniques that can improve your sleep quality, but is CBD one of them? As it turns out, there is no easy answer – some […]